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I’ve been investigating alternative themes for my Tumblr blog. I like templates that show all the posts in columns rather than one long string. Previously I was using Themanati, which had mostly features that I like and I may still go back to it. But I have been very pleased with the features and customisability of Brick. The only thing I am not so keen on is the dimensions of the cover image so I have not used one but I would like to be able to have a thin strip image at the top rather than the deep option. The background image I am currently using is a tiled version of this kaleidoscope made from an image made with Picasso Kaleidoscope Draw! app then put through Kaleidoscope Kreator 3.

Quote from Doris Lessing about writing

"The feverish need to get this or that done - what I call the housewife’s disease: ‘I must buy this, ring So-and-so, don’t forget this, make a note of that’ - had to be subdued to the flat, dull state one needs to write in. Sometimes I achieved this by sleeping for a few minutes, praying that the telephone would be silent. Sleep has always been my friend, my restorer, my quick fix, but it was those days that I learned the value of a few minutes’ submersion in… where? And you emerge untangled, quiet, dark, ready for work.
   Often when Peter [her child] went to the Eichner’s for a few days or the weekend, or my mother had taken him off somewhere, I simply went to bed, sliding to that restorative underwater state where you lie limp, rising towards the surface, just reaching it, sinking, rising… You are not really conscious you are reaching wakefulness, and the sleep itself is lightented by the half-knowledge you are asleep. An hour… a day even, if I had become too frenetic. As I grew older, and became cleverer at managing my emotional economy, I began to wonder if the condition of being awake accumulates some kind of substance, which jangles and vibrates, making you tense and sharp, and that this is exaggerated a hundred times if you are writing: but even a few minutes’ sleep, the merest dip into that other dimension, dissolves it, leaving you calm again, newborn”

From Walking in the Shade by Doris Lessing (pages 92 and 93 in paperback copy)

This is volume two of her autobiography. I started reading volume one after seeing a documentary about Lessing as part of the BBC’s Imagine series. Alan Yentob was a very gentle interviewer. The above quote rings true for me generally about any creative activity and why it can’t just be slotted into the odd minute here and there. But also the general effect of the day to day jangle on the sensitive mind and the restorative properties of sleep.


New York (Woman Leaning on Storefront Window), c. 1960

For more information contact: The Jeffrey Goldstein Collection

Look at the prices captured in the shop window!

Lambs kissing in Scotland many years ago.



I’m delighted to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr!

We promise not to screw it up. Tumblr is incredibly special and has a great thing going. We will operate Tumblr independently. David Karp will remain CEO. The product roadmap, their team, their wit and…

Learnt to make animated gif’s this weekend. Started with a PowerPoint animation, saved as a .wmv then converted to a gif at  Tell your mom!

Nice little video about open text books.

Caffé Nero, Piccadilly, Manchester 28/1/13

Music from
Used slow shutter speed to make distinction between people and vehicles moving quickly and those that were slower or still. Spot the sign change and the chap waiting to meet someone.


Tie dye, a set on Flickr.

A trail of the colour purple.

Choose to Bless the World by Rebecca Parker

Your gifts—whatever you discover them to be—
can be used to bless or curse the world.

The mind’s power,
The strength of the hands,
The reaches of the heart,
The gift of speaking, listening, imagining, seeing, waiting

Any of these can serve to feed the hungry,
Bind up wounds,
Welcome the stranger,
Praise what is sacred,
Do the work of justice
Or offer love.

Any of these can draw down the prison door,
Hoard bread,
Abandon the poor,
Obscure what is holy,
Comply with injustice
Or withhold love.

You must answer this question:
What will you do with your gifts?

Choose to bless the world.

The choice to bless the world is more than an act of will,
A moving forward into the world
With the Intention to do good.
It is an act of recognition, a confession of surprise, a grateful acknowledgment
That in the midst of a broken world
Unspeakable beauty, grace and mystery abide.

There is an embrace of kindness that encompasses all life, even yours.

And while there is injustice, anesthetization, or evil
There moves
A holy disturbance,
A benevolent rage,
A revolutionary love,
Protesting, urging, insisting
That which is sacred will not be defiled.
Those who bless the world live their life as a gesture of thanks
For this beauty
And this rage.

The choice to bless the world can take you into solitude
To search for the sources of power and grace;
Native wisdom, healing, and liberation.

More, the choice will draw you into community,
The endeavor shared,
The heritage passed on,
The companionship of struggle,
The importance of keeping faith,
The life of ritual and praise,
The comfort of human friendship,
The company of earth
The chorus of life welcoming you.

None of us alone can save the world.
Together—that is another possibility waiting.


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One Street continues

If I had known, when I was twenty-three
and had married wrong, or again
when I was thirty-five and crushed
by the weight of proving myself,
or forty-eight and nearly dead
from over-work and exhaustion

that one day I would live
on a street where light
paints wet pavement
in circus colors, that
I would be free to walk
in the dark, humming
with gratitude and ease
of well-being, answering
to no one, dazzled and glad
among all these good people

I would have worried less,
I would have gone to sleep smiling,
secure that such a time
of bliss would come.

Great words from a great lady, Kathryn Kendall.