Install Theme

Kaleidoscope treatment on previous abstract collage

Abstract untitled 1996? Collage newsprint and acrylic paint

Collage diamond shapes cut from magazines for colour and texture, with painted granular texture paint in between., Colour theme in rows but not complete in all rows. Some diamonds missing at edges.

Untitled Abstract Acrylic paint on paper 59x42cm 1997?

This is one of several that I did to cut up and use as the background for  Christmas cards. I still have one of the cards somewhere, will fish out, others were sent out. Primary colours inspired by Mondrian, splatters inspired by Pollock. Also some early playing with mirror image idea as paper was folded to pick up a mirror image of the wet paint, initially before adding black and white splashes.

Untitled abstract Karen Cropper 1996

All triangles are same right angled with sides to 1”:2” ratio. The image shows regularity yet irregularity, so how defects can occur leading to gaping holes. Reflects my interest in and study of crystalline structures at university. Also the choice of colours - cold regularity, warm (yet bleeding) organic irregularity.

New Tumblr Theme: Brick

I’ve been investigating alternative themes for my Tumblr blog. I like templates that show all the posts in columns rather than one long string. Previously I was using Themanati, which had mostly features that I like and I may still go back to it. But I have been very pleased with the features and customisability of Brick. The only thing I am not so keen on is the dimensions of the cover image so I have not used one but I would like to be able to have a thin strip image at the top rather than the deep option. The background image I am currently using is a tiled version of this kaleidoscope made from an image made with Picasso Kaleidoscope Draw! app then put through Kaleidoscope Kreator 3.

Quote from Doris Lessing about writing

"The feverish need to get this or that done - what I call the housewife’s disease: ‘I must buy this, ring So-and-so, don’t forget this, make a note of that’ - had to be subdued to the flat, dull state one needs to write in. Sometimes I achieved this by sleeping for a few minutes, praying that the telephone would be silent. Sleep has always been my friend, my restorer, my quick fix, but it was those days that I learned the value of a few minutes’ submersion in… where? And you emerge untangled, quiet, dark, ready for work.
   Often when Peter [her child] went to the Eichner’s for a few days or the weekend, or my mother had taken him off somewhere, I simply went to bed, sliding to that restorative underwater state where you lie limp, rising towards the surface, just reaching it, sinking, rising… You are not really conscious you are reaching wakefulness, and the sleep itself is lightented by the half-knowledge you are asleep. An hour… a day even, if I had become too frenetic. As I grew older, and became cleverer at managing my emotional economy, I began to wonder if the condition of being awake accumulates some kind of substance, which jangles and vibrates, making you tense and sharp, and that this is exaggerated a hundred times if you are writing: but even a few minutes’ sleep, the merest dip into that other dimension, dissolves it, leaving you calm again, newborn”

From Walking in the Shade by Doris Lessing (pages 92 and 93 in paperback copy)

This is volume two of her autobiography. I started reading volume one after seeing a documentary about Lessing as part of the BBC’s Imagine series. Alan Yentob was a very gentle interviewer. The above quote rings true for me generally about any creative activity and why it can’t just be slotted into the odd minute here and there. But also the general effect of the day to day jangle on the sensitive mind and the restorative properties of sleep.


New York (Woman Leaning on Storefront Window), c. 1960

For more information contact: The Jeffrey Goldstein Collection

Look at the prices captured in the shop window!

Lambs kissing in Scotland many years ago.